Truths Unspoken
(souls untethered book 1.5)

Lali had her say. Now it's Kai's turn.

Kai Awana can find anyone ... well, almost. His ability to appear next to whomever he envisions should have made things easier, but even after months of searching and a series of morally questionable actions, he is still no closer to reaching the one person he desperately wants to find—his sister, Kala. That is, until he comes across someone whose ability just might be exactly what he needs. The only problem is, this someone has every reason to hate him. But Kai will do anything to ensure he gets his sister back—even if it means blurring the line between right and wrong.

See the events before, during, and just after Souls Untethered through Kai’s eyes in this original companion novel set in the thrilling and captivating world of The Souls Untethered Saga.