1st place category winner - 2016 DANTE ROSSETTI AWARDs for young adult fiction



silver medalist - 2016 The wishing shelf book awards

Debut author McPike crosses large family dynamics with tightly conceived superpowers to maximum effect … An intriguing story driven equally by plot, characters, and angst.
— Kirkus Reviews
I loved every minute of the world K.J. McPike has created. I’ve read many paranormal books and this was a breath of minty freshness! I need the sequel, and I needed it yesterday.
— PRUF Reads
Well-written, cleverly plotted, and full of twists and turns … I look forward to the next book in the series!
— Patrick Hodges, award-winning author of JOSHUA’S ISLAND
One of those rare literary treats that truly has something for everyone … XODUS is a modern YA classic in the making.
— Apex Reviews
Readers will be unable to help being drawn in to Lali’s story.
— InD’tale Magazine
New and refreshing … I’d definitely recommend this one.
— Michelle Lynn, author of the DAWN OF REBELLION series
One heck of a first book.
— Curled Up With a Good Kid’s Book
A gripping, refreshing novel.
— Adelle Yeung, author of THE CYCLE OF SIX MOONS series
A welcome addition to the YA urban fantasy genre … [XODUS] includes enough tantalizing twists and turns to captivate readers, transforming them into instant fans.
I absolutely adore the book, along with the characters. The plot line is amazing, and all in all, just the style of the author’s writing is cool.
— Teen Lit Review
I am in love with the style in which K.J. McPike writes … This book had me on the edge of my seat with every twist and turn from the very beginning.
— T.L. McDonald, author of the MARKED series
McPike has written relatable characters, engaging suspense and a storyline that certainly drew me in … K.J. McPike and the Astralis novels are certainly worth keeping an eye out for.
— Beauty and Lace
Riveting from the beginning to the end.
— Kelly St Clare, author of THE TAINTED ACCORDS series
A fun, well paced read with a fresh, new concept.
— Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Books
This book is full of delicious twists and turns that my bookish soul devoured … McPike is a plot twist genius.
— LibroLiv
This book had me hooked from the very first chapter and I was left on the edge of my seat until the very last page.
— The Little Wise Owl
I was hooked from the first sentence … I could not put it down.
— Crossroad Reviews
Spectacular … a book that every fantasy fan should read.
— Story For Dessert
Ms. McPike makes the unreal, believable. Her characters are interesting and well developed . . . The storyline was smart and engaging . . . I found myself having to force myself to put it down so I could go to sleep at night. I am a fan!
— The Next Great Read
The description is so beautifully done … I am thoroughly impressed with K.J. McPike’s writing style … the plot is very well crafted with realistic characters woven with a well thought out story.
— Techie Tonics
A compelling story with relatable characters. I recommend this book for teens and adults both.
— Matthew P. Buscemi, author of SHRÖDINGER'S CITY
KJ has crafted an original and thought provoking first effort with the skill of a veteran writer … readers are left fully satisfied yet wanting more.
A great and entertaining read.
— My Random Book Thoughts
Lali is a strong and very likable heroine and I was rooting for her the entire way.
— G.K. De Rosa, author of the GUARDIAN series
Wow! XODUS is a well written novel. I was impressed with both the writing skills of the author and the plot of the story … I read XODUS in one day.
— Louis Clay, author of BONDS
One of the best YA books I’ve read in months.
— Bibliofagista
I enjoyed how XODUS makes the development of paranormal powers a process that reminds me as a reader to understand how much work, and sometimes bruises, it takes to be good at something new. I recommend XODUS and am looking forward to the next installment in the Astralis Series.
— Readers' Favorite


With K.J. McPike’s superb storytelling skills, I was once again sucked right into the story from the very first page.
— T.L. McDonald, author of the MARKED series
I was just as entertained by Nemesis as I was by its predecessor. And now I can only wonder where the series goes from here … because it sure ain’t over yet!
— Patrick Hodges, award-winning author of JOSHUA’S ISLAND
I couldn’t stop reading. It’s hard to comprehend how good the writing is in this book.
— Michelle Lynn, author of the DAWN OF REBELLION series
Heartbreaking … Nemesis added so much depth to the world of the Astralis series and I am so excited to see where the series goes next!
— The Little Wise Owl