Souls Untethered

“I love you all. I’m so sorry.”

After her mother disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note behind, strange things started happening to Lali Yavari. She sees visions of people she doesn’t know and witnesses violence and secrets. When one of her visions comes to life and the handsome, yet elusive, Kai Awana becomes a new student at her school, Lali thinks she’s losing her mind.

Then she discovers a dangerous secret—she can astral project, a form of telepathy that allows her soul to leave her body and travel to dark realities. Kai is willing to make her a deal. He’ll help Lali find her mother if Lali uses her abilities to save his sister from Alea, an alternate realm that only Lali can reach.

But Lali isn’t a hero. She’s a target. Alea’s government is looking for people like her to use as experiments in a twisted lab. If Lali’s caught, it could mean losing everything…even her own life.



Truths Unspoken
(souls untethered book 1.5)

Lali had her say. Now it's Kai's turn…

Kai Awana can find anyone ... well, almost. His ability to appear next to whomever he envisions should have made things easier, but even after months of searching and a series of morally questionable actions, he is still no closer to reaching the one person he desperately wants to find—his sister, Kala. That is, until he comes across someone whose ability just might be exactly what he needs. The only problem is, this someone has every reason to hate him. But Kai will do anything to ensure he gets his sister back—even if it means blurring the line between right and wrong.

See the events before, during, and just after Souls Untethered through Kai’s eyes in this original companion novel set in the thrilling and captivating world of The Souls Untethered Saga.



Fates Unsparing
(Souls Untethered Book 2)

Time travel is a dangerous game…

After the tumultuous months following her sixteenth birthday, Lali Yavari just wants life to go back to the way it was before—before her mother left, before she discovered she could astral project, and most of all, before she met Kai. But the boy she would prefer to avoid pops up in her life again, and this time it’s a matter of life and death. When the unthinkable happens, Lali is determined to use her brothers’ time traveling abilities to make things right. Unfortunately, no one warned her that trying to change the past could result in getting stuck there…

Return to the captivating, unpredictable world of The Souls Untethered Saga in this breathtaking follow-up to the award-winning Souls Untethered.


coming soon only.jpg

(Souls Untethered Book 3)

Hiding is no longer an option…

Lali Yavari barely survived a dangerous trip into the past, but her problems are just beginning. The people she cares about most are still being hunted by the Eyes and Ears, and even her brother’s ability to see the future can’t guarantee their safety.

When a glimpse of events to come reveals an impending ambush, Lali and her loved ones must scramble to put together how the Eyes and Ears will find them before it’s too late. And if it’s impossible to prevent, well…Lali’s not going down without a fight.

COMING LATE spring 2019